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Common injuries in the basketball world
(and how KT Tape can help!)


A sport of springs, jumps, and quick stops is bound to take a toll on the legs, knees, and feet. Basketball players see their fair share of injuries, typically from overuse or minor trauma. Usually, they heal and return to the court. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes, a basketball player who gets blindsided gets sidelined.

Injured NBA players

Every NBA team has an athletic trainer waiting to rush on the court if something goes wrong. And sometimes, things really go wrong.

Grant Hill


Sprained ankle-turned-fracture

What happened:

After continuing to play on the sprained ankle, it became an ankle fracture,

which then became a potentially fatal methicillin resistant infection.

Shaun Livingston


Torn ACL, torn lateral meniscus, sprained MCL, dislocated patella

What happened:

Landed awkwardly after missing a layup.

Andrew Bogut


Broken right hand, sprained wrist and dislocated elbow

What happened:

Swung too far on the rim after a fast-break dunk.

The Big 3

The three most common injuries in basketball are: